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Interview with Torkel Sjöstrand about Subway World

Philthy Rich over at the Clout blogs has a little new interview with Torkel Sjöstrand from Dokument Press up about the upcoming Subway World book.
“The book feature some great work from well known writers I think every writer with an interest in subways can enjoy it because of the way it’s done. Most of the info is not actually about graffiti but about the systems. When it was built, how many lines it contain, how many car models, is it filled up with CCTV?, is there another secret subway system built below the original one?, did they buy their cars from another system?, How many yards?. Stuff like that. Kind of nerdy, but if you’re into subways that’s the stuff you wanna know.”
Read the whole thing here.

Posted: 15. August 2009  Posted By: twik  Tags: , , , , , , ,