Monthly Archives: August 2009

ALL crew and FOS squad action…

“When we started removing it, the graffiti would come back twice as fast, but there comes a time when they … [more]

Feed the horse – Yum yum!!

SALEM – For a teenager who was arrested two years ago for tagging graffiti around the North Shore, it seemed … [more]

One of the oldest in the game who still do real burners, Part TDS!

Reptoid Magazine from Sweden is releasing their fifth issue this month, featuring nothing but trains from all over the world … [more]

The freshest from London, Cept 148 has a nice interview up over at Ukadapta with lots of good comments and … [more]

Tizer from London with 5 fresh pieces…

Little article about the Urban Art Project in Odense, Denmark. Dont forget to check out this very nice hall of … [more]