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Interview with Freddie Forsyth

“The aim from the beginning for his own section was to show a different style of photos to what you would usually expect from writers, we tried to get them to open up a little and show another side of their life. Will is a really talented,young photographer and his shots add something to the book which you don’t usually get from a book about subcultures,it shows the people behind it and the lives they lead.From a personal point of view, I always wanted to self-publish. I wanted to work on all aspects of the book andnot have to answer to anyone when it came to decisions about the design and content. I think that because it is self-publishedit allowed it to be a hardback and limited edition book, which adds value to it.I had a real desire to document a culture that I loved since a young age so I’m glad I’ve able to give something back to it, and hopefully the writers I grew up admiring are proud of the book.”

Read the rest of the very good interview with the Crack&Shine author Freddie Forsyth over at HYB, ILG did a translation for german readers here