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New buffing campaign in Denmark

The rightwing goverment have decided to fund a big new buffing campaign on the stations and trainlines in Denmark, beginning Jan. 1st 2010. In the new national traffic settlement, 9 million danish kroner ( approx 1.2 mill Euro ), that originally were intended for noise-reduction purposes, have been set aside to start graffiti removing in Copenhagen alone for the first 12 months. An unknown amount will be used for the rest of the country.
How this small sum of money will make any difference is hard to imagine, most likely there will be one time buff in some areas, leaving fresh new walls (with new intense video-surveillance) for the writers of the city.
More info in the article in danish, here and here and here.

English version of news report available here.

Posted: 28. September 2009  Posted By: twik  Tags: , , , , ,