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Regular readers will know that a favorite for the title of Coolest mural project in 2009 here at ILG has to be A Love Letter For You by Espo and crew. The brillance from the rooftops of Philadelphia keeps coming on their website here.
And as an angry citizen wrote in the Philadelphia Weekly under the pseudonym of The Man:
“You idiots!! I can’t believe the City of Philadelphia; and that crazy woman from Mural Arts let ESPO of all people do a project like this…
We just gave a grafitti artist license to write on wall again.
True the style may be different but the concept is the same: Writing on Rooftops.”
Check the video and article that provoked the comment here.

The lovely sketch below never made the cut, but its message can live forever online


Posted: 28. October 2009  Posted By: twik  Tags: , , , , , , , ,