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Swet – 100 red pieces in 100 days

A new project was started today with Swet. ILG caught him for a quick interview.

At the moment we are cooking on fresh new projects with our friends scheduled to start by the beginning of 2010. One of these kicks off on december 1st 2009. In a few days we start to upload one piece of Swet every day, due the period of 100 days. In summary we talk about 100 pieces in all done with the new Swet 100 Traffic Red 400ml. Every single day until march 10th 2010 Swet will be out for painting (what he do anyways) and the updates can be seen at our special SWET goes RED section….watch out, further infos and upcoming projects coming up soon.(Molotow Blog)

ILG: Swet, please introduce the project.
Swet: The title is: Swet – one hundred red pieces in 100 days. I have to do a red piece every day in the next hundred days. Then update/upload them 1 at a time at every day.

ILG: How did the idea come about?
Swet: Molotow and I have worked together for more than 10 years now and we always have a lot of fun. We wanted to do something new together and not just: here is some paint – do some pieces. So I did different ideas together with my friend Witso. The idea first of all had to benefit Molotow on more than one platform. And second give me a crazy challenge and still be true to my classic view on graffiti. Despite all these everyday problems we quickly came up with this crazy idea about 100 pieces.

ILG: Sounds like a challenge yeah, what is the goal?
Swet: Molotov has nothing to prove. It’s the best paint on the planet. But of course they would like to sell more paint and get even more hits on For me it’s a challenge to see if I can find the time to paint even more without neglecting work or my family. And of course see what I can do with my style when all the pieces have to be different and with only one fill in colour to work with.

ILG: What’s your expectation?
Swet: Right now I haven’t any. It is raining and cold and I have around 8 hours of daylight a day. And that is when I am working, so just getting photos is looking to be hard.

ILG: Ok, good luck with the project, we look forward to 100 red pieces and then we will catch up with you again once the 100 days are gone.
Swet: Thanks!

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