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Design your love

Since our Logoshirts are almost sold out we have decided to go for a T-Shirt Design Contest, win 250 Euro´s, guidelines after the jump!


Make a design in illustrator or photoshop. It’s up to you. If you would like to see a pixel motif on your shirt … at least take 150 dpi! In any case please note the following:

– it should say ILOVEGRAFFITI
– you can use all types of colors or design in B/W
– everything is possible, Figures & Characters, Illustrations..
– no photos!
– Design on white background

How to participate

Download our shirt template (.jpg) and place your design to where you would like it to be positioned. Additionally you can give us a more detailed view. It is just about a preview of your design, so please send us the image files as web optimized as possible (680px width, .jpg)

Following you will find the most important information why we delete some posts resp. decline some as well:

– if the demands to the design are not fulfill
– if it is obvious that the motif is not possible to produce from a technical view
– if the design is a duplicate (e.g. more than one variation or slight changes afterwards)
– if the design is already online at a competitor´s site
– if the design belongs to somebody who could claim his rights (e.g. infringe a copy right or politically dubious)


Please send your design until April 15th to notme(at) You will not receive any reply at this moment, please follow this page to receive updates on the contest process our contact form


– .psd, .jpg
– 72dpi (Preview)
Shirt Template with Contest Design
– Contact Details and valid email adress


1. / 200 Euro, 30 T-shirts with your design
2. / 50 Euro, 20 T-shirts with your design
3. / 10 T-shirts with your design

Good Luck!

Posted: 17. March 2011  Posted By: lars