Monthly Archives: October 2011

Decorate your walls with spraycans older than yourself, cooler-than-cool prints available from Roger Gastman’s Graffsupply here.

This video from a Copenhagen S-train made the media last week, two DSB S-train ticket inspectors voilating a mentally ill … [more]

Kidd, Topgunn, Klumben, Jamel & the rest of Cheff Records from Nørrebro, Copenhagen fucked over the Danish record industry during … [more]

Following his own passage… Vans The Omega on the next levels… And gracing the latest Graphotism cover… Flickr robbery here.

Smash137 is still miles ahead of the rest with his latest show, “Grow Up”, at Galerie Celal in Paris. Graffuturism … [more]

Holidays are great, this blog-holiday lasted 5 months, but all good things comes to an end and now its time … [more]