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Miami 2012 videos

Im back from the craziest time in Miami, too much stuff going on to mention, too many walls getting painted, too many writers all over…
If you dont know what Miami is all about, this video explains it pretty well:

Louislist-Wynwood Walls from Louislist on Vimeo.

And now to the 2012 action:
Here is a bunch of videos thats been popping up online after the whole thing was over:

CES & Ivory & Tich had a show:

Making of that show:

LUXOTICA from Culture Shock on Vimeo.

Mear and Risk giant mural:

Ewok and Reds mural:

Ewok and SP One wall:

Crayola, Tyke Witness, Dabs & Myla mural:

Art Basel 2012: Craola, Tyke Witnes, Dabs, & Myla from LRG on Vimeo.

RONE from Australia did a bunch of murals:

Rone – Miami 2012 from Everfresh Studio on Vimeo.

Andre mural:

Love Graffiti from Miami Design District on Vimeo.

Posted: 21. December 2012  Posted By: lars