Sydhavnen update

Posted: 16. November 2013  Posted By: lars

Here is some interesting info regarding the ongoing development in Sydhavnen Hall of Fame in Copenhagen.

All the walls are still up! Big machinery is working in the area, but they are not touching the walls! At least for now!

First, Simon Strange (S), raised this proposal at Kultur&Fritidsudvalget which will be voted on November 21st 2013.

Simon also supported alot of positives initiatives in the past 4 years, check out his website here, among the 100 cases there is 10 relating straight to the support of graffiti and art in public spaces.

Second, here is an article in Politiken about how more research is needed before anything can be build at Sydhavnen, and it will take at least a year to get this research done.

Untitled_Panorama1 - sydhavn hall of fame - soten tiws - walls - 2013 - joiner stitch combiner - flickr

Hotboy Hert

Posted: 14. November 2013  Posted By: lars

You might remember my bloggins long time ago about the writer Hert from America, if not you can read them here.

Now there is a new update from Hert, an article written by himself about his trouble with the so-called justice system in America. Read the very interesting story here in Massappeal.

The beginning of the end

Posted: 11. November 2013  Posted By: lars

Today, November 11th 2013, marked the day where heavy machinery started working on demolishing the Sydhavnen Hall Of Fame in Copenhagen. The spot have been a tolerated, not legal, hall of fame since the year 2000 and after 50.000+ masterpieces its time to redevelop the area like the rest of the Copenhagen harbor and turn it into expensive new apartments made of glass and steel.


Zap Graffiti sketch competition

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Deadline 16th November, judged by Tizer, word is: Thoth.
Check Zap Graffiti Arts for more info here!

ECB in Næstved, Denmark

Posted: 8. November 2013  Posted By: lars

Rooftop brand test

Posted: 5. November 2013  Posted By: lars

The best spraycan shop in Slovakia, Rooftop, made a test with all brands to see how much is inside and how well it covers, check for yourself. Test here.

Steve Powers tomorrow in Copenhagen

Posted: 4. November 2013  Posted By: lars

Talk and movie screening with Steve Powers tomorrow Tuesday 5th of November at Charlottenborg, its free and starts 18.30.
Event here.


Posted: 3. November 2013  Posted By: lars

New book in the making by Danish photographer Søren Solkær:
All the portraits show artists who work in the public space.It is a book and exhibition project that was started in august 2012.The aim is to portray the most significant figures in public and street art both on the contemporary scene as well as the pioneering figures.The project will take Søren to the Americas, across Europe and Australia.The book will be finished in 2014.
More info and great preview photogallery here.

Bridge Jam 19th edition!

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Posted: 31. October 2013  Posted By: lars

Amazing video from one of the most painted and crazy cities I ever visited: Valparaiso in Chile.