Rens 1st solo show

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This Friday, November 1st, at Le-Fix in Copenhagen.
Event here.

Oslo Graffiti 2 book

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Limited to 500 copies, the Oslo Graffiti 2 book is out. Over 200 pages in a hardcover binding, for the price of 350 NKR, can be ordered here:

Made by Writer Ridder da treeman of Oslo little afghanistan terrorist capital of Europe. Strictly Osloghettostyle no AIRBRUSH fancypancy.

Fatcap#19 preview

Posted: 24. October 2013  Posted By: lars

New issue is out at the end of October 2013 of the classic Norwegian graff mag Fatcap.
Check the blog here!

Info from the Fatcap Team:

Is this the final issue of Fat Cap?

Fat Cap magazine is proud to present the second issue (96 pages) of 2013. It’s been way over ten years since the last time we dropped two issues in one year. We hope you enjoyed the tracksides issue we dropped in May. In issue #19 we take it back to a mix with all kind of walls from the cities and artists we have followed and supported since 1989, plus some fresh new faces that is breaking new ground in the culture. In 2014 we drop the Fat Cap book, as an anniversary issue #20. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

FATCAP #19 Featuring:

-Scandinavia; Denmark,Sweden & Norway
(Bates, Great, Side, Soten, Tiws, Jem, Side, Sabe, Puppet, Zappo, Skil, Kaos, Kazy, Ridder, Raes, Meter, Achoe, Goal, Woble, Kid, Loze, Poker, Duck, Jame and more…)
-Atome TFP interview
-Sofles DTS TMD
-Pay2 COD
-Eksm OSV
-Stay KD Travel report
-New York (Wane, Wen, T-Kid, Part1, Chino, Ces, Yes2, Vins, Bio, Cope2 and more…)
-Slaughterhouse interview
-BraskArt visits Dero TFA’s studio

Get Fat cap at:


FAT CAP Since 1989

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Obey in Copenhagen 2011

Posted: 17. October 2013  Posted By: lars

Great 4 part video series from Shepard Faireys visit to Copenhagen in 2011

Ron English at Roskilde Festival 2013

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Brissy goodness

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TMT vs TC5

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Gadens Hårdeste Hævn

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Vote for best Metro fence art project

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Here is your chance to vote for the best Metro fence art project 2013, vote here!

Dabs and Myla visit Copenhagen

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Check out the wonder-couples photos and words here!

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