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None other than Copenhagens own Pato popped up on Mr. Kaves blog on 12oz, with a fresh version of Nighthawks, … [more]

Bates Eik – Mr.Spray tribute Via Bates blog

Grandmaster Bates has his first-ever solo show opening in Copenhagen this month, more info over at his 12oz blog here.

We are very sad here at ILG after receiving the news of the passing of Oil aka Crude Oil aka … [more]

Rocking America, Ouija 3A… More on his 12oz thread here.

The mother of all graffiti forums and one of the leading brands in the graffiti media for the past 16 … [more]

If anyone has info about this one, please use the contact-button and send it to us. Untill then, enjoy a … [more]

Its cold and dark winter times here at the ILG office, reminding me of lovely Russia… Here is a few … [more]