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New design on a Boeing 340 Jet between Swiss and San Fransisco. More flicks here.

The follow up to part 1

New commercial covered S-train running in Copenhagen, promoting the nightwatch parent group Natteravnene, so now there is a black hotdog … [more]

Two articles in Politken today about graffiti, in Danish. First one about a political proposal to legalise more areas for … [more]

Reported over at the WoosterCollective: “Jordan Seiler’s incrediblely ambitious “New York Street Advertising Takeover” became a reality yesterday, when over … [more]

Six cities, six graffiti artists, six pieces and one car. Kia Motors advertising campaign on walls and billboards around Bristol, … [more]

Graffiti is now used to sell hearing aids, so get yours here before you go def…

Free your mind from Babylon business, check this video about how subvertisments and graffiti in public space help reclaim our … [more]

In Southern Nevada they decided that a little graffiti was a good idea to sell more Ford Focus cars. Check … [more]

The NYC train cars that for many years were kept almost clean in order to satisfy the customers and strengthen … [more]