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Mural done in Nørrebro, Copenhagen by “Team Copenhagen” as a warm-up for the Urban Art Festival in Amsterdam 27th-31st May … [more]

Always a cool and unique experience, the Trailerpark Festival in Copenhagen kicks off this weekend, drop by for good atmosphere … [more]

Read the story in danish of André Derain’s painting ‘Paysage à L’Estaque’ from 1906 and how it just landed two … [more]

Theis Wendt got a gallery with his work over at the Information newspaper, this one below is called Keep It … [more]

Art openings always attract hot chicks and now a new Tumblr blog by the good people over at Theworldsbestever have … [more]

Paragraffen got a big collection of Copenhagen graffiti canvas up on their website right here. Check out a few samples … [more]

An artist often mentioned by danish writers is artist Per Arnoldi. Known for poster art for DSB and colorful basic … [more]

Very nice blog from danish art collector Jens-Peter Brask, featuring worldwide news about great art and also lots of danish … [more]

Looking for a new wallpaper? This one is made for coloring, just like the coloring books you had when you … [more]

New exhibition opened yesterday at the famous Grand Palais of Paris, its called Le Tag and features a selection of … [more]