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The TFP IBS connection made it half way around the world, Atome at Roskilde Festival 2010!

Public Provocations 2 opens today at the Carhartt Gallery in Basel, and the CMP section looks fresh! Via Atome’s blog

Dreaming of downunder… Atome with a graffiti surf video! Im Board * Part 3 * SURF’S UP from atome on … [more]

Atome found an old lost blackbook and is putting up scans from it, the first one is this little gem… … [more]

Atome on surfboards downunder…

“I caught the train to school everyday. It was quite innocent at first an had nothing to do with graffiti … [more]

Atome from Sydney, Australia has a blog. Main topics covered is new graffiti, classic oldschool burners, Nike sneakers and golden … [more]