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Bates has made his mark on the Copenhagen and worldwide graffiti scene for about 25 years now. He has his … [more]

Grandmaster Bates has his first-ever solo show opening in Copenhagen this month, more info over at his 12oz blog here.

Paragraffen got a big collection of Copenhagen graffiti canvas up on their website right here. Check out a few samples … [more]

From the DR archives, here is a 5 minute interview from 1986 with Dimmer and Fews, hear it right here. … [more]

Bates and Great classic at the stretch of trainline known as Piben, Copenhagen mid-1980’s… CFC-free Graffiti!

News about the upcoming issue of Bomber magazine is up at thier website, it will include interviews with Atom, Revok, … [more]

New wall from Malmø, Sweden by Bates, Great, Goal and Kacao77.

Found this photo in the Raek special in the new issue of Achtung #3, a Hulk wall done by Powr … [more]

Another old website thats not updated anymore, but with lots of great historic photos. Check out over 200 oldschool danish … [more]