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Atome found an old lost blackbook and is putting up scans from it, the first one is this little gem… … [more]

Chino and Sacha Jenkins has the second book out in their Piecebook series, this one titled Piecebook Reloaded. Featuring sketches … [more]

Toys Crew has new update on their website that will blow your mind, check it page 79 and 80 in … [more]

Copenhagen premiere oldschool crew, the Toys Crew, keeps the updates coming on their fresh blackbook inspired website… Check out the … [more]

Part1 is still rocking Sweden, painting walls, doing lectures and interviews and opening his solo show at Bastard Gallery in … [more]

As previously reported here at ILG, Part1 from NYC is now in Sweden, doing graffiti workshops and a solo show. … [more]

Oldschool writer Part1 from NYC is coming to Sweden later this month to do a blackbook lecture for graphic design … [more]