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10 answers from Great to 10 questions by the Fucknfilthy blog here. Via Bates blog

RT Crew will represent for London at this years RAW event in Copenhagen, check the news over at the RAW … [more]

JP featured in a qucik two-minute video about Copenhagen graffiti, in danish… Watch it here. Via Bates

The Donkey Kong and Subway Art remix… From ├śland Rootsfestival update at Ikaroz blog

Vizie keeps the graffiiti coming on his blog…

Goal, Kid, Great and Bates wall done in Copenhagen this weekend… Bring on the video! Video via Fatcap blog, photo … [more]

None other than Copenhagens own Pato popped up on Mr. Kaves blog on 12oz, with a fresh version of Nighthawks, … [more]

The TFP IBS connection made it half way around the world, Atome at Roskilde Festival 2010!

Because of jobs/holiday/fun/oilspill/no internet connection/drinking/workbums/life/time-is-short-but-my-dick-is-long, the next 2 weeks will be with irregular updates on this blog. But stop by, … [more]

You aint seen nothing yet from this guy… Flipping styles like it was childs play… Chucky blog!

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