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Second part of the Henry Chalfant interview is up at Philyflava, you can read it here.

Myself, I was an artist at the time working in New York, I hadn’t lived here very long, I moved … [more]

Here is your chance to voice your opinion about graffiti. In Melbourne, Australia the debate about graffiti is on after … [more]

Websites with frequent updates are rare these days. One site that keeps a steady flow of new quality photos and … [more]

Just a short message, check out the blog of Aeon from Australia. Loads of nice photos, including stuff from his … [more]

My man Matthias runs the Metabunker with a bunch of dedicated friends. If you like quality articles, blog and information … [more]

TheMac is making his way across Europe this month, leaving jawdropping portraits and burned walls behind. Check his blog with … [more]

On my recent trip to Berlin I was introduced to one of Germany’s best kept secrets, character writer Base23 / … [more]

TWISTER over at the German side of ILoveGraffiti is back in business with a ton of new updates. The language … [more]

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