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New book out titled Bay Area Graffiti. 208 pages featuring writers like Abno, Apex, Retna and many more.

From the website of Chronicle Books Subway Art — During the 1980s, photographers Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant captured the … [more]

We previously reported about the Itso & Adams story here at ILG. Here is the follow up, more TV from … [more]

In the graffiti world where the term legend is used and misused frequently, one legend stands above the rest, an … [more]

If there was a hitlist for graffiti books, the Kacao77 book “Rise of the Machine” would still be on one … [more]

Beat The Clock, a new book about throwups featuring an impressive lineup of international vandals including Uzi, Gorey, Seb, Supe, … [more]

In the world between graffiti, alternative art, homemade tattoos and hoboscribbles you can find Copenhagen based artist Affex Ventura. Always … [more]

New book set for release in May 2009, titled Graffiti Kings: New York City Mass Transit Art of the 1970s. … [more]

Dope little trailer for a french book in the Wasted Talent series, planned for release in April 2009 from Yko … [more]

Few magazines can claim to be as productive as the Stylefile guys, pumping out magazines and keeping up with deadlines … [more]