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The battle of opinions goes on in Aarhus, here is two new videos from the local newspaper, one is a … [more]

Random newsclip with buffing of S-trains and blablabla…

BaneDanmark who is in charge of all the tracks, stations, trainlines and infrastructure of the Danish railways have started their … [more]

Video about this winters buffing problems…

Article in Danish about the increase in train graffiti in Denmark in 2009 where DSB spent more than 25 million … [more]

Article about graffiti on the Svendborg trainline, these trains get hit 80 times a year, and cleaning cost around 5000 … [more]

Like many of you probaly know, buffing graffiti in frost weather is hopeless, therefore Copenhagen city’s walls and trains are … [more]

The white, driverless Copenhagen metro trains are getting a new layer of foil on the outside to make it easier … [more]

The danish rightwing goverment is in the news today, promising to clean the 50 busiest trainstations in the country for … [more]

New documentary about vigilante buffers coming in 2010 featuring 3 of Americas most dedicated vigilante buffers, check out the 2 … [more]