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Xplosif Festival kicks off in Stavanger, Norway next month, featuring Wane COD, Cope 2 KD, Ewok 5MH, Indie184 and more… … [more]

Rest In Peace homie… Graff Radio got the good gallery of Oil graff here!

Wane aint new to this… Via Freshpaint

“Yeah, for me personally I thought I didn’t have style for the first 10 years of writing. I had good … [more]

We are very sad here at ILG after receiving the news of the passing of Oil aka Crude Oil aka … [more]

Knows COD, NYC baby…

Fresh rocking styles, cool color combos and bad b-boy characters, Doves COD TC5 go it all…

The Molotow and Friends project is double updated with some fresh new graffiti. Wane COD has a new section of … [more]

Know COD rocking with Obama in NYC Photo posted Nic Thamaire on 12oz.