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New commercial covered S-train running in Copenhagen, promoting the nightwatch parent group Natteravnene, so now there is a black hotdog … [more]

From the Danish Graffiti Media set

Via Aim One

Big news in Denmark today about the increase in graffiti, which has tripled in size during the last 5 years. … [more]

From October 2009, DSB (Danish Railways) will introduce live surveillance on their properties. In the past all the cameras have … [more]

DSB will put more new IC4 trains on tracks from tomorrow, full article in danish here.

Back in the days, advertising for danish trains and the London Underground

Mainstream Danish media are reporting that 3 young international persons were caught in and around the S-train yard in Frederikssund, … [more]

Danish graffiti history rolling right here, The infamous A-Line Vandals home video from 1991, featuring burners by Rens and Sek … [more]