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Maser doing it big for the cover of the Dubliner.

Fresh video from a tribute event for Keith Haring at Wolrd AIDS day, all done by Maser of the TDA … [more]

Rask in Dublin, 2010 Via

Maser TDA, painted inside a Dublin prison yard… Via Maser Flickr

Quick catch up on the Secret Wars Euroleague 2010, which is already in full swing. Denmark is represented by a … [more]

In group 3 of this years Secret Wars season, you’ll find the Danish team. This weekend, the first match took … [more]

A few nice flicks from the recent Fresh On Every Surface show in Dublin featuring the works of Kube and … [more]

For those hard to reach spots, get a BIG bike like Maser TDA in Dublin…

“When we started removing it, the graffiti would come back twice as fast, but there comes a time when they … [more]

Fresh video from the All City Jam in Dublin, Easter 2009.