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Regular readers will know that a favorite for the title of Coolest mural project in 2009 here at ILG has … [more]

Our friend over at the Brask Art blog is in New York these days, visiting an incredible number of great … [more]

Great Steve Powers aka Espo interview about his Love Letters project up over at Fecalface, read it all here…

Interview with Espo right hereat Artobserved about his Love Letter project in Philadelphia: I had the first wall I painted … [more]

Regular readers of ILG will know that Espo aka Steve Powers is among the household favorites here in this little … [more]

Espo with the freshness once again…

No one does it like Espo aka Steve Powers.

Short interview with 20 funny answers from espo over at Juxtapoz magazine, and some cool photos of him doing his … [more]

The studio gangster. Video of artwork, rock concert and gallery opening of his Brussels 09 show… Steve PowersUploaded by alice_gallery