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As ILG were the first media to report, JonOne opened a show in Copenhagen last Friday. He ended the show … [more]

JonOne 156 had his first show in Scandinavia today, in the western part of Copenhagen at Graffiti Galleriet. The show … [more]

As ILG reported first, JoneOne will have a show at GraffitiGalleriet in Copenhagen this Friday 15th May from 18.00 to … [more]

Non other than JonOne will be visiting Copenhagen soon, as he is having a show at Graffiti Galleriet opening Friday … [more]

Little Xmas special here at ILG for all our readers. Last year Blade TC5, selftitled King of Graff, visited Copenhagen … [more]

Jeppe from GraffitiGalleriet in Copenhagen went to Paris to check out the JonOne exhibition we recently blogged about here at … [more]

The good people at Graffiti galleriet in Copenhagen have made this graffiti calendar for 2009, its free and all you … [more]