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10 answers from Great to 10 questions by the Fucknfilthy blog here. Via Bates blog

Goal, Kid, Great and Bates wall done in Copenhagen this weekend… Bring on the video! Video via Fatcap blog, photo … [more]

Great and Bates have a new show in Poland, on June 10th 2010 at Hemp Szop in Warsaw. More info … [more]

20 years today since it fell and 20 years since Great did this Peace piece. via

Bates has made his mark on the Copenhagen and worldwide graffiti scene for about 25 years now. He has his … [more]

Bates and Great classic at the stretch of trainline known as Piben, Copenhagen mid-1980’s… CFC-free Graffiti!

New wall from Malmø, Sweden by Bates, Great, Goal and Kacao77.

Found this photo in the Raek special in the new issue of Achtung #3, a Hulk wall done by Powr … [more]