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No, its Juse One from NYC rocking the Hall of Fame at Sydhavnen…

Little article about the Urban Art Project in Odense, Denmark. Dont forget to check out this very nice hall of … [more]

The Seoulmates crew made it to Copenhagen on their euro-tour, check out the fresh video below…

Last night there was a big fire at an abandoned factory in Copenhagen, here is two flicks from the newschannels … [more]

New track and video from danish hit rappers Suspekt titled “Først var de bange” (At first they were afraid). Shot … [more]

A travel video documenting the famous Copenhagen Harbor Hall of Fame in the summer of 2002. Lots of nice legal … [more]

The Hall Of Fame at Nørrebro Station in Copenhagen have been granted with a budget of approx. 40.000 euro from … [more]