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Copenhagens own DJ Cars10 has a new mix out in his neverending stream of fresh hiphop mixtapes, you can download … [more]

Tonight in Copenhagen, Devin The Dude live…. Facebook event here. Ticket hered.

Denmarks first Down South mixtape! By Johnson and U$o, available for free download right here!

Its def when I rap, its stupid when you talk…

Danish underground hiphop video from 1991 by Mighty Lifesaver.

For the Danish rap listeners: “HEY MAKKER! Der var engang et band der hed Originaliseret Riminalitet. Det var der ingen … [more]

Looptroop and Timbuktu… For Guru – Rest In Peace!

The 420 suite is coming, Devin The Dude, June 10th, at non-smoking Vega, Copenhagen. Tickets here. Facebook event here. Photo … [more]

DeePee has a new solo album out titled Perspektivet, after 27 years in the Danish rap game. And alot of … [more]