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The full fresh wall with MadC, Take2, Soten, Zombie, Kacao77, Drik, Hocus, Towns and Loomit here

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Ewok from NYC and Hocus from Berlin got updates at Molotow and Friends. Click the photos for more graffiti…

Big news in the Molotow and Friends project today, none other than Kacao77 from Berlin have been added to the … [more]

MadC, Hocus from Berlin and Soten from Copenhagen head to german city Halle to drop a nice wall, see the … [more]

New photos up from several writers from around the world. Take 2 rocking Japan and flashing a new blog right … [more]

Check out the new project from Molotow, called Molotow and Friends, featuring 24 artist from around the globe, showcasing their … [more]