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The media output is still high from the crazy Thalys event in Paris. This video here is by Dirty Hands … [more]

The Thalys train rolling out of Brussels, featuring JonOne, Opak, Seak, Sozy and Zedz… And a short french video with … [more]

Remember the crazy news from Cologne, its done,by Jonone, Sozyone, Seak and Zedz, on a red carpet in 3hours at … [more]

Crazy News from Cologne, Seakone has posted news on the Thalys highspeed train painting mission in Paris next week When: … [more]

Jeppe from Graffitigalleriet went to Paris and checked out the booming gallery scene, see all his photo from the trip … [more]

As ILG were the first media to report, JonOne opened a show in Copenhagen last Friday. He ended the show … [more]

Beat The Clock, a new book about throwups featuring an impressive lineup of international vandals including Uzi, Gorey, Seb, Supe, … [more]

Jeppe from GraffitiGalleriet in Copenhagen went to Paris to check out the JonOne exhibition we recently blogged about here at … [more]

JonOne is rocking a gallery exhibition in Paris, opening tomorrow! I really like the poster and the illustration from the … [more]