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First came the intro, then came Silver Surfer, and today is time for…. dan-dan-daaaaaaaaaah… Spiderman!! These canvas come from another … [more]

Kacao77 making heads turn at Roskilde Festvial 2002. Via the Kacao77 flickr.

The Machine AKA my ILG blog brother AKA Kacao77 just uploaded some new canvas to his Flickr. As with everything … [more]

The blogs here at ILoveGraffiti is heating up, its summertime and everybody is travelling and killing cans like there is … [more]

The ILoveGraffiti blog family keeps growing these days. Its a pleasure to welcome great artist and friend Kacao77 to the … [more]

New wall from Malmø, Sweden by Bates, Great, Goal and Kacao77.

Seen over at the Molotow blog…

Super quality crew, Nova-X, has a new flickr account with an overload of their topclass productions right here. A new … [more]

Big news in the Molotow and Friends project today, none other than Kacao77 from Berlin have been added to the … [more]