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Kacao77 of Nova-X on his Star Wars mission of 2010…

First came the intro, then came Silver Surfer, and today is time for…. dan-dan-daaaaaaaaaah… Spiderman!! These canvas come from another … [more]

Kacao77 making heads turn at Roskilde Festvial 2002. Via the Kacao77 flickr.

The Machine AKA my ILG blog brother AKA Kacao77 just uploaded some new canvas to his Flickr. As with everything … [more]

Fresh interview with Dare at the Carhartt Gallery and livepainting featuring Tloks, Soten, Kacao77, Take2 and Dare. Gallery with photos … [more]

The blogs here at ILoveGraffiti is heating up, its summertime and everybody is travelling and killing cans like there is … [more]

My man Kacao77 has a giant update over 5 pages on his ILoveGraffiti blog right here, check it out!

Check out a nice gallery of the fresh Monkey Island wall done by Molotow and Friends in Slovakia right here.

Photo of the week is up over at the ILG Flickr