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None other than Noc167 did a comeback piece in New York this summer.. From Ket La Rocks Flickr.

“Where is the most exciting or interesting place you have painted? Trains are my favorite and I paint them when … [more]

The Urban Arts festival in Malmø is in full effect, writers doing walls, music blasting, b-boys breaking and lectures getting … [more]

One of the biggest legal graffiti events in Scandinavia ever will kick of in Malmø today, the Urban Arts Manifistation! … [more]

A big jam in Malmø is coming up this weekend, Urban Arts festival, with a huge international lineup of graffiti … [more]

4th video from the debate…

Here is a very cool video if you like old NYC stuff featuring Henry Chalfant, Ket and many others talking … [more]

Ellis G and Cope 2 talks about their experiences with the Donut Squad and the pigs call graffiti a worldwide … [more]

Despite a strong graffiti scene and history, graffiti jams are a rare thing in Scandinavia. But now there is one … [more]

Ket sticking it to the pigs and their book of stolen photos.