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Only in America

The army will be buffing the giant MTA roller piece in Los Angeles at the cost of 3.7 million tax … [more]

New law passed in Los Angeles requiring all new buildings, including homes, to have anti-graffiti coating unless the owners promise … [more]

New book out from Dokument Press in Sweden. Its about the special form of graffiti found in California and its … [more]

Opening today in LA, a new amazing show by TheMac and Retna

Check out Sabers story and reaction to his LA river piece getting buffed right here.

Live footage from the buff of Saber’s giant milestone piece in the L.A. river… Fuck the buff & Long live … [more]

A milestone in the graffiti world is gone, Sabers legendary river piece have been painted white by authorities in Los … [more]

A controversial new proposal in Los Angeles by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich would give law enforcement the okay to arrest … [more]

Check out the two fresh new videos from Molotow TV with Tloks TKO conquering Europe right here.