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Molotow has a fresh new calendar out for 2010 featuring 12 writers from the Molotow & Friends project, check out … [more]

Both updated over at Molotow and friends, Swet and Scheme

Check out a nice gallery of the fresh Monkey Island wall done by Molotow and Friends in Slovakia right here.

Check out the fresh new Green Lantern teamwork from MadC and Kacao77 at last weekends big Splash Festival at the … [more]

The full fresh wall with MadC, Take2, Soten, Zombie, Kacao77, Drik, Hocus, Towns and Loomit here

Dare has some nice new prints for sale over at his webshop, check it out here…

8 minute video from the Rheinpark in Duisburg…

The last batch of photos from the Molotow and Friends action in Duisburg is up here. Now we just wait … [more]

Check out 4 fresh new photos from Swet over at the Molotow and Friends project here. And see a nice … [more]

“Here we go with the next Molotow and Friends Teamwork, Melbourne meets Berlin aka Take2 meets Kacao77, fresh on Berlin … [more]

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