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Marge rolling with the UFS crew in Moscow… Via Streetfiles

In the Russian capital of Moscow, it is really difficult to find large-scale murals. The streets and suburbs of Moscow … [more]

New film coming from amazing Russia, check out the trailer Russian Roulette #2!

Straight out of Moscow comes the new DVD “Aevus”, starring: UFS, the crew for the last 5 Minutes Episode. Together … [more]

Rocking the giant apple of the east, Moscow, this is the new video series from us here at ILG: 5 … [more]

Both updated over at Molotow and friends, Swet and Scheme

Fresh video from Write4Gold Russia in Moscow 2009

Out in the Moscow streets they call them UFS…

Write4Gold Russia is on in Moscow at the russian Splash Festival tomorrow on Saturday 13th. More info here and hereand … [more]

“Everything we do has its roots in graffiti. It was a start, but then we realized that we had to … [more]