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The summer made it to Copenhagen and ILG made it to the Khal Allan remixalbum release party this afternoon at … [more]

For anybody in Copenhagen on Sunday April 26th: One of the best MCs in Denmark, Khal Allan, released the highly … [more]

Goal´s Gangster Shit propaganda! Get the mixtape here! -1.Ice Cube and Maestro; Gangster Rap Made Me Do it -2.Too $hort,Bun … [more]

From the upcoming EP from DJ Cars10 and Paulo, hailed as the Danish version of Gangstarr, this is the dynamic … [more]

Hailed as the best and most popular hiphop band in Danish hiphop ever, the terrific trio of Malk De Koijn … [more]

Scien and Klor, the good peoples of the 123Klan, collaborated with internet radio favorites Wefunk on this free mixtape for … [more]

Denmarks best rapper Jokeren 1st single of his new album, this one is called Gå Væk (Go Away) and features … [more]

Danish immigrant gangster rap, this is Marwan with Min blok (My block)

Rockers By Choice, reunited yesterday, 20 years after their first album dropped in Denmark! On a horrible TV-show but with … [more]

Keeping with the Næstved theme, I dug up two old danish hiphop videos from Næstveds own Hvid Sjokolade (White Chocolate). … [more]