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Devin The Dude is about to drop his new album, The #420 Suite, check a fresh new interview with Devin … [more]

The Optimen got a new album out, check their Myspace here!. This one is called the 80s Babies, taking it … [more]

Vizion with his ABC…

Stilen R Profilen uploaded a short radio clip from P3 including their classic graffiti track Erling Og Hans Sultne Vovse… … [more]

Interview with Bcome from Copenhagen in Urban Vibes magazine:

Forget about all the celebrities in Copenhagen today for the IOC meeting, the real deal artist has a show opening … [more]

New issue out from HSM Magazine in Osaka, Japan, featuring graffiti from eastern Europe and Japan and interview with Senoyr, … [more]

For the danish readers of ILG, check out Warm WG regulating the danish rap game with hilarious results on Myspace … [more]

One of the best danish graffiti writers to go from the streets and to the canvas is Bill Bach. He … [more]

One of Italy’s rising stars, Phiesta of the Criminals Crew, has a feature in this online magazine with some fresh … [more]

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