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Loooong new wall from New York, featuring Kem5, Puppet and many more, Kem5 close up below and wholewall, click to … [more]

None other than Noc167 did a comeback piece in New York this summer.. From Ket La Rocks Flickr.

News from New York, via the TATS Crew flickr.

None other than Copenhagens own Pato popped up on Mr. Kaves blog on 12oz, with a fresh version of Nighthawks, … [more]

“These Melbourne boys follow a New York cult known as hiphop…”

No, its Juse One from NYC rocking the Hall of Fame at Sydhavnen…

The very first subway line in New York is from 1870, read the story here.

IceBurg by Reas AOK, Ven & Menz by Zebster. NYC 1989 Via Vens Flickr

That New York way…