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Xplosif Festival kicks off in Stavanger, Norway next month, featuring Wane COD, Cope 2 KD, Ewok 5MH, Indie184 and more… … [more]

Another system looses its old model… Today the last car of the old T-bane in Oslo, Norway went on its … [more]

Super fresh 35 minute documentary from Oslo, Norway from 1990 called VVP – Vandaler Vrenger Plater. “Vandals flipping vinyl” is … [more]

New DVD out from Norway, featuring the PTR crew. Lots of liveactions, 300 panels, 50 wholecars and a running time … [more]

The big norweigan newspaper Dagbladet went to Fornebu, Norway with the rappers Aslak and Don Martin from Gatas Parlament to … [more]

Fos Crew goes gigantic on a broken down airfield in Norway! Over 260 meters long! More than 250 liters of … [more]

Dropping sooner than ever now, Fatcap #17 – The Star Wars Special

New show opening in Oslo, Norway on October 17th 2009 titled Studiograf, featuring new graffiti canvas by Oslo O.G. JameOne. … [more]

One of the oldest and still active graffiti magazines in the world is Fatcap magazine, straight out of Oslo, Norway. … [more]

New 320 page book about graffiti in Oslo from 1984 to 2008. More than 1300 photos pf tags, throwups and … [more]