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Ces from New York city with a little 8 minute interview done a few years back…

From the DR archives, here is a 5 minute interview from 1986 with Dimmer and Fews, hear it right here. … [more]

One of the first and most unique crews in danish graffiti history, The Dark Roses, has a very cool website … [more]

We received both the Graffiti Kings book and the Subway Art 25th Anniversary Edition book here at the ILG office … [more]

Rockers By Choice, reunited yesterday, 20 years after their first album dropped in Denmark! On a horrible TV-show but with … [more]

Some mouthwatering previews have emerged from the upcoming Graffiti Kings book by Jack Stewart.

Flint 707 was among the first generation of writers to start the modern graffiti movement in NYC in the early … [more]

..listen to Risk, see the symphatic videointerview on Vimby, Risk about him, his work and the collaboration with Keith Harring … [more]

New book set for release in May 2009, titled Graffiti Kings: New York City Mass Transit Art of the 1970s. … [more]