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The Machine AKA my ILG blog brother AKA Kacao77 just uploaded some new canvas to his Flickr. As with everything … [more]

Lots of people have been asking for more colors in the brilliant One4All range from Molotow. Good news, 16 brandnew, … [more]

MadC has done a super nice canvas with One4All markers. Check out her story here and the photos here.

The new one4all inks from Molotow gets a big test from Copenhagens own Zomby of the DUA crew. Check out … [more]

J├╝rgen Feuerstein from the Black Forest is one of the graff business pioneers. He invented the well known spraycans by … [more]

Amazing artist Kacao 77 from Berlin has started a production of a series of new canvas, using the new Molotow … [more]