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Just a few of the many works Todd James has on display at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen at the Brush … [more]

The Brush Strokes show by Reas and Twist opens at V1 today at 17.00 to 22.00. I had a sneak … [more]

New show in Copenhagen on Friday 9th July 2010 at the V1 Gallery featuring Lydia Fong aka Twist and Todd … [more]

IceBurg by Reas AOK, Ven & Menz by Zebster. NYC 1989 Via Vens Flickr

Our friend over at the Brask Art blog is in New York these days, visiting an incredible number of great … [more]

Reas has a fresh website with all his projects, artwork and a blog! Check it out here.

Second to none V1 Gallery in Copenhagen has a show running at the moment called The New Yorkers, done by … [more]

From last weekend, Reas AOK, Supe FMK, Reim WMD, Nutroe FMK and HuskMitNavn VTS all getting down in the Copenhagen … [more]

Skateistan is a charity project raising money for children in Afghanistan, so they can get some oppertuneties to skate and … [more]

Pictures On Walls, a very nice site where you can buy prints by many famous artist including Espo, Mode 2 … [more]