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Fresh atmosphere video from Lahr in the Black Forest, South Germany, full of fresh people and fresh lifestyles… Check the … [more]

Not the first to report this sad news, Rammellzee passed away recently, Rest In Peace! Check the obituary over at … [more]

Rest In Peace homie… Graff Radio got the good gallery of Oil graff here!

Looptroop and Timbuktu… For Guru – Rest In Peace!

A real nice read, my man Matt has written a great obituary for GURU, read it here at the Metabunker.

Frank Frazetta, an illustrator of comic books, movie posters and paperback book covers whose visions of musclebound men fighting with … [more]

Rocking in Valby 11 years ago. Rest In Peace Dare! Via the Dare RIP article in Artcrimes

Danish freestyle rapper Pede B have a new EP out, for free download. Its produced by Madness 4 Real and … [more]

Here is the official mix for DJ Premier, dedicated to his Gangstarr partner GURU R.I.P. Tracklist and info on DJ … [more]

One of the greatest MC’s of all times have passed away, Guru from Gangstarr will no longer rock the mic … [more]