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Rap2122 got a nice Flickr set with trains from the UV crew around the world, check the slideshow below…

Forever kids running in a Faxe Kondi font… Via

Random newsclip with buffing of S-trains and blablabla…

Panels dedicated to Will I Go To Hell For This, running on the F-line next to the releaseparty of Will … [more]

The Will I Go To Hell For This book will be released in Copenhagen, on Sunday the 18th April 2010 … [more]

Here we go, new website with big preview and much more about the upcoming book about 25 years of Copenhagen … [more]

We have a new interview up here at ILG, with TheOne. Among other things, he talks about the last day … [more]

Via Dkgraff

There is so much graffiti on the S-trains in Copenhagen that even the official page on Wikipedia about S-trains has … [more]

Two fresh benching videos of Copenhagen trains 2009, from Sthlmgraff Blog