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Fos Crew goes gigantic on a broken down airfield in Norway! Over 260 meters long! More than 250 liters of … [more]

Check out Sabers story and reaction to his LA river piece getting buffed right here.

Live footage from the buff of Saber’s giant milestone piece in the L.A. river… Fuck the buff & Long live … [more]

A milestone in the graffiti world is gone, Sabers legendary river piece have been painted white by authorities in Los … [more]

Hot stuff straight from California… Check it here.

Saber has another fresh print out, this one for April 2009. You can pick of 1 of the 100 made … [more]

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Westcoast legend Saber MSK AWR is staying busy in the new year and already has a new 2009 print out, … [more]

If anyone has info about this one, please use the contact-button and send it to us. Untill then, enjoy a … [more]