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New spraypaint brand out in North America, by writers for writers, 100% made in North America, check out Artissin here.

If you need spraypaint in London, the Chrome and Black shop is now open for business…

You can now get up to 3 months in jail and $1100 fine for carrying a marker in Australia. Read … [more]

The new High Pressure cans from Molotow get tested with various caps in pouring rain, with very good handstyle and … [more]

In the never ending line of new spraypaint, here comes Kobra spraypaint, straight out of Italy.

Seems like there is a new brand of spraypaint coming out in Australia every week these days. Latest in the … [more]

No joke, they finally figured out what writers want… Knauf spraypaint from Peru. Found here.

Latest brand in the line of new graffiti orientated spraypaint comes from Sydney, Australia and is called Crunch. From their … [more]