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Two videos, same energy…

Iz The Wiz, Quik, Min and Sach… This is it!!!

This video from Vienna is superfresh and well worth 5 minutes of your time on a boring monday… Grafflove!

The classic documentary, now the soundtrack have been put together, read about it and get it here… via

Since the sad news yesterday of the death of Iz The Wiz aka Michael Martin, the homage and condolences have … [more]

Lots of graffiti in this fresh video with Aesop Rock

27 years after its release, here is the NY Times review of the documentary Style Wars…

Reme takes us to the Bronx and meets with Seen, includes old Stylewars clips and footage from Seens private studio.

This is it!! Outtakes from the undisputed classic Stylewars. A new HD Blu Ray DVD version is in the making … [more]

Jeppe from GraffitiGalleriet in Copenhagen went to Paris to check out the JonOne exhibition we recently blogged about here at … [more]