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Are you into graffiti? Have you seen this Subway Art book? With photos by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant ? … [more]

The Donkey Kong and Subway Art remix… From ├śland Rootsfestival update at Ikaroz blog

Interviewed by Belvedere Vodka in London this summer

The original The remix

Interview with Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant about the old and new Subway Art book and a look at their … [more]

We received both the Graffiti Kings book and the Subway Art 25th Anniversary Edition book here at the ILG office … [more]

What a lineup, Henry Chalfant, Jon Naar, Regina Stewart and Martha Cooper, posing with their amazing books. Henry and Martha … [more]

Styleisking posted some new unreleased Henry Chalfant flicks on 12ozProphet, hopefully from the upcoming Subway Art 25th Anniversary Edition. These … [more]

From the website of Chronicle Books Subway Art — During the 1980s, photographers Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant captured the … [more]

you better watch out, straight from berlin, 1 dvd, 2 movies, coming soon!